Sunday, June 14, 2009

Titus 2: What does "becometh" mean?

"But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine:"
Titus 2:1

–verb (used with object) be attractive on; befit in appearance; look well on: That gown becomes you. be suitable or necessary to the dignity, situation, or responsibility of: conduct that becomes an officer.

From the verse and the meaning of the word, I understand that Titus 2 is a discussion of things that are "suitable or necessary to the dignity" of sound doctrine.

I want to be suitable, so I think the chapter deserves my attention.


Sandra said...

I love this chapter but it is never preached. If it is, some of the key verses are preached wrong or just plain skipped over.

Anonymous said...

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Deborah said...

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Keith and Julie Loveless said...

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Susan said...

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